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Here is the SlideShow, Walls Of Death: Kaposi’s Sarcoma, used as an example of the Syllabus material.

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The questions are at Slide, Pasqualino.
  • Pasqualino, 81 years old (2014), otherwise healthy, no morbidities (no CVD, etc.), a fictional life,
  • NB: He is HIV Negative.
  • Diagnosed with: Kaposi’s Sarcoma at the Age of 81, an outcome of an infection with human herpes virus 8 (HHV8). He had no prior eruptions of Kaposi’s Sarcoma.
  • At the Age of 84, December 2017, the eruptions of Kaposi’s Sarcoma completely subsided, disappeared.
  • Why, Why, Why?
    • Please send an email to Documents.Moses@gmail.com, placing your responses in the body text of the email, subject line: Pasqualino, any other tags you need, Thanks,

The latest Slide Show, hosted in Google Drive and The small story on Pasqualinos journey with Kaposi’s Sarcoma,
The Pasqualino Assignment bit.ly/Pasqualino_Cancer2020. Walls of Death, the assigned reading, http://bit.ly/AssignedReading_WallsOfDeath, [To be updated] the reading includes the paper by Wachter et al, http://bitly.com/Wachteretal2013.

by K Moses JD PhD

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The full version of this Slideshow is here: http://bitly.com/WallsOfDeath, and it will be presented in the section of the Syllabus devoted to Ageing, Mortality,

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